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Red Arrow: supporting you   

Red Arrow: supporting you
8 April 2020

Red Arrow: supporting you

We know times are challenging right now, but while projects may be on hold, you can count on Red Arrow Electrical Distributors for all lighting requirements.

We are taking additional measures to ensure our stock levels are replenished at a higher rate than usual, and we remain committed to the safest possible handling of products. We are also following the Government guidelines and NHS advice, and have reduced our on-site workforce to a minimal number that allows us to process the demand for essential items. These include site lighting, emergency lighting and other essential lighting products, plus our Kite Mark range of smoke, heat and Carbon Monoxide alarms, distribution boards, circuit breakers and top five products…


Harnessing the unique agility of LEDs, Discus has been designed and engineered for multiple applications using one type of luminaire, for new build and retrofit projects. Equipped with:

  • Energy-saving PIR sensor
  • Smart selectable wattage
  • High quality flicker-free light
  • Versatile mounting bracket


A high efficiency, back lit recessed lay-in modular luminaire, Rhombus is designed to fit into exposed-T Grid ceilings, or plasterboard ceilings:

  • Optimum Light Quality – Flicker Free Driver as standard
  • Solid construction – 32mm deep anti-yellowing diffuser, for longer life
  • Improved appearance and evenly illuminated

Slimline Floods

Constructed from robust die-cast aluminium, the LED Slimline Floodlights are suitable for 110V site lighting applications, and come equipped with surge protection as standard:

  • Available in 50W, 100W and 150W
  • 110-130 voltage
  • 30,000 hours life expectancy


Our GU10s are fitted with an advanced Linear AC Driver, not electrolytic capacitors often found in low cost, inferior products, resulting in:

  • Reduced failure rates and minimal returns
  • Increased customer trust
  • Less time dealing with faulty product returns

Festoon Ranges

The versatile 110V 30W LED Connectable Festoon Kit can connect with up to 20 more fittings, allowing it to easily extend to the length required, saving on installation time:

  • 35,000 hours life expectancy
  • Splitter cable available
  • 6500K colour temperature

If you require any advice as to what products you need, our customer service and sales teams are available on 0114 279 8999.

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