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Red Arrow Launches ITL Insulated Hand Tools   

Red Arrow Launches ITL Insulated Hand Tools
21 March 2018

Red Arrow is pleased to announce it has partnered with Insulated Tools Ltd to distribute their range of Insulated Hand Tools in the UK. ITL Tools are tested to 10,000V and rated to 1,000V for electrical and live line working. ITL Tools are injection moulded with Nylon 11 and are the longest lasting, hardest wearing and safest tools in the world.

For more than 50 years, Insulated Tools Ltd has been at the forefront of insulated hand tool development for electrical work. ITL has built on over five decades of success through innovation and reliability, becoming a trusted manufacturer in the UK and global marketplace. The injection-moulded Nylon 11 insulation gives maximum personal protection, withstanding extreme temperatures and high voltage. All ITL Tools come with a lifetime guarantee.

The Facts speak for themselves:

  • ITL is the only company to injection mould its tools with Nylon 11
  • Lifetime Warranty on Tool and Insulation
  • Higher temperature results in tool and insulation bonding as one component
  • Much stronger than PVC coated products and harder than PVC dipped products
  • Withstands extreme impact and abrasion and is flame retardant
  • 100% Production Batch Tested - 10,000 volts for 3 minutes submerged in water (some manufacturers flash test for 10 seconds)
  • Accredited to IEC 60900:2012 - the International Standard for Live Line Working
  • Category “C” Impact Tested - operate within a greater temperature range -40ºC-70ºC/ -40ºF-158ºF
Following the launch of the ITL Tool Range Nick Swash, Chief Operating Officer, commented “Red Arrow is very excited about the launch of this new range and the product benefits it offers to users – it is the safest tool on the market.”

Click here for a copy of the product guide

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