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Chain Reaction for LED Hi-Lo Bays   

Chain Reaction for LED Hi-Lo Bays
5 December 2016


Project: Donghua Factory

Wholesaler: Parklane Electrical Distributors

Location: Wolverhampton

Date: May 2016

Parklane Electrical Distributors first discussed the Donghua Chain Manufacture factory project at a meeting with Chris Rowberry, Business Development Manager. They were looking for a value product that was energy efficient and also suitable for production and storage areas.

Their Account Manager, Marcus Teasdale contacted Parklane to further discuss the Red Arrow products that would be best suited to the required application. Marcus selected the 200W Linear LED Hi-Lo Bays (HLB5200W-60) with 672 pieces of SMD 2835 LED and a Meanwell Driver to be used with the compatible Microwave Sensor (HLBMS).

The Hi-Lo Bay Microwave Sensor has a built in adjustable daylight sensor and a three step dimming function.

1. The lamp switches on when there is insufficient ambient light and motion is detected.

2. After the hold time, the sensor dims the lamp to a low level if there is no new motion trigger.

3. After the stand-by period, the sensor switches off the lamp if no motion is detected in its detection zone.

The dimming functions combined with an up to 16 metre diameter detection area allows the sensor to deliver energy savings without any compromise to safety.

An order of 48 of the LED Linear Hi-Lo Bays and 43 of the sensors was placed for delivery to Parklane Electrical Distributors based in Wolverhampton.

Matt Richards, Branch Manager said “I was impressed with the specification of the microwave dimming sensor and the quality of the sample that I received.” He plans to specify the product for any similar projects that arise in the future.

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